Sunday, May 30, 2010

Ep. 100 We're Mean Because We're 100

Ep. 100 We're Mean Because We're 100!

Join Holly, Larry and special guest star Walt for episode 100. We have LOST and Glee spoilers, Holly meets Tim in AK, and the President of Crazytown. The final amount generated for the Humane Society. THANKS TO ALL OF YOU FOR DONATING! Costco gives Holly a new tv. We have a half assed celeb smells.

Thanks for the phone calls!
Angela in Minneapolis
Mouse&Bug from the Twitters
Melanie from DQYDJ
AliDru from the Twitters
JZ, Holly's future ex-husband called from Witness Relocation
Melissa in the Orlandos
Andrew (Obispo) and Marla
Scotty in Australia

Email us at weremeanbecauseyourestupid(at)gmail(dot)com
Call us at 612.293.7413

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