Friday, December 18, 2009

Ep. 92 We're Mean Because Family Ruins Christmas

Ep. 92 We're Mean Because Family Ruins Christmas

We get a ton of holiday cards and pressies. Thanks to: Obispo, Gil (Gravitas), Matty Malone, Amy, Kevin and Brian in Danbury,
Tara in Michigan, Trucker Alex, Groomer Zig, Tim in Alaska,
Foul Monkeys, Moose P! You guys are wonderful and we truly appreciate you taking the time to think of us during the holidays!

This episode Holly catches some hamsters, Larry bakes a bundt cake, Holly sees some Wal-Mart people....tune in.

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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Ep. 91 We're Mean Because Larry Takes It Out Of His Pants

In this episode we talk about Drunksgiving, Black Friday, & Holly goes Zhu Zhu hunting and catches the swine flu. Larry goes to DC and takes it out of his pants. Thanks to StevyB for showing Larry such a good time! I probably should have edited, but didn't. Oh well it's free! :)

Go visit Sketchy Santa, you won't be sorry!

Thanks to Traci for writing in, and to Andrew, AKA Obispo for drunkie calling!

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