Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Ep 63 We're Mean Because We Love A Cult Suicide

In this episode we talk about more cult suicide. Holly catches the herp, and not in the fun way. Walt's a Square Peg. We talk some reality tv, and cover Top Chef, Survivor, The Fattest Loser, and Celebrity Rehab with crazy brain damaged Gary Busey. Stay tuned for an impromtu smells like segment towards the end.

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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Episode 62 We're Mean Because We're ADD

This episode comes to you 2 weeks late because of Vista crashing....we discussed it in the beginning of the show, but Bill Gates seems to have tampered with the beginning and it's gone. Conspiracy? You be the judge! We talk about cults on a budget, Janet's pancake boobs, Christmas lights and music much too early. We get a little political. Scary zombies on Halloween, the election and Holly's future ex-husband Anderson Cooper. Baby Jesus wants Walt to have soda, and nobody wants a rotten Holly. Tune in for the fun! Listen after the outro music for a special bonus treat. Sorry it's so long...we had to catch up after a 2+ week hiatus.