Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Ep 63 We're Mean Because We Love A Cult Suicide

In this episode we talk about more cult suicide. Holly catches the herp, and not in the fun way. Walt's a Square Peg. We talk some reality tv, and cover Top Chef, Survivor, The Fattest Loser, and Celebrity Rehab with crazy brain damaged Gary Busey. Stay tuned for an impromtu smells like segment towards the end.

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1 comment:

Archerr said...

Funny story about the lady with the herp licking her fingers and touching your bags. I think I would have asked her to wash her hands first. hehehe

Walt....I have the whole series of Square Pegs too and have seen them all. Love that 80's stuff.

Glad I could introduce you guys to a new podcast. I really like From Bostonia.