Thursday, December 18, 2008

Ep 64 We're Mean Because It's Giftmas.

Warning: We are all over the place on this show. Ken and Nick buy their own Giftmas presents. Christmas tortures Holly. The American Girls store is a scary cult, and could be greatly improved with booze. Holly stages a coup for Christmas. The best thing about dinner is nobody can talk. We talk a little holiday food porn. We talk a little Biggest Loser finale. Alison eats the biggest loser. Happy birthday wishes to Sarah and Leah! :)

Thanks to Joe in Philly, Melanie, and Tim for calling!

Thanks to Alex in Pamona, Christopher, Luciana, Michael, and Denisa for emailing!

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Unknown said...

It is Pomona not Pamona. Just letting out. Have a Spendy Giftmas!

erik98122 said...

mmmmm I totally want some Velveeta Salsa Dip now...screw you Walt! Though I do love me a should check out the Trader Joes many versions if you have them in your area. I'm hungry!

Hope you two have a great Holiday..minus the family and all that!


Archerr said...

So much food in this one! I am not a humus eater. Walt can have my portion. If I ate as often as Holly, I'd be as big as Big Fatty!

Sasha said...

It's about time you came out with a new episode! And yeah, it's Pomona, damnit. :) Named after the goddess Pomona, the goddess of agriculture. Back in the day Pomona used to be nothing but orange orchards. I'm full of useless facts!