Friday, January 23, 2009

Ep. 65 We're Mean Because We're Old People Talking About Our Health

Episode 65 We're Mean Because We're Old People Talking About Our Health.

After a long hiatus, we're back! We start off talking about a myriad of health problems, then move on to Biggest Loser Confessions of a Teen Idol, and a few cheesy reality tv shows we like. Walt shows some skin, Nick Turns Hannibal Lecter, Holly gets a random note, and we talk politics. We are full of lazy and good intentions. We give a few shout outs to listeners for goodies! You know who you ams, Joe and Peter! Larry Klye is a husband stealer. Walt needs a catheter.

Birthday shout outs to:
Arthur from Amerinz
David That Blue Jeans Guy
Alex M
And last but never least (except we forgot to mention him) our beloved Larry Klye!! Sorry Larry.

Merry Christmas, Change is bad!

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Joe in Philly said...

Yay! Don't ever leave us again!

LK said...

That's cool. No really.

Melanie said...

Tell Walt to practice his Kegels -- they work like a charm, really. I can juice a watermelon now!

diane said...

i cannot believe that you guys think the carla (from top chef) looks like beaker too! i have said it since the FIRST time i saw her! her HUGE bug eyes and the way she moves around. OMG!

i also think she looks like the guy that does the "humpty dance" with the fake nose. good god you make me laugh...hard!

xo diane

erik98122 said...

Oh hell..back to the basement! This time I want cupcakes! And could you wrangle Sean too...he's foxy!

Nice to have my meany fix!

Love you guys

lil rascal II

[LaLa] Lauren said...

The noises that make me cringe are...snoring, constant sniffling and crackling packaging, like chip bags.

[LaLa] Lauren said...

Oh, and Willard Scott isn't self indulgent, Holly is! duh.

LK said...

Oy, my goiter.