Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Ep. 78 We're Mean Because It's a Quickie!

Ep. 78 We're Mean Because It's a Quickie!

Episode 78 Larry and Holly give details of the upcoming Pride48 event. Go listen to us live Saturday June 27th from 5:00-7:00 EST. Join the chatroom, and interact with us! You know you want to!

We talk about Larry's Governor's trip to Argentina, we talk some fun adultery, and a little bit of Wipeout talk.

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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Ep. 77 We're Mean Because We Don't Smile, We Judge or Nous Sommes Mechant Parce Que Vous Etes Bete!

Ep. 77 We're Mean Because We Don't Smile, We Judge or Nous Sommes Mechant Parce Que Vous Etes Bete!

The show so fun, we named it twice! Tune in and hear Larry recap the Gay Days. Holly and Larry talk Top Chef Masters. Happy birthday British John! The contest is ending June 15th at 9:00pm CDT. So hurry and submit your review and email us with your iTunes user name for the drawing! Good luck to everyone! Larry and Holly covet the new iPhone. Larry has been cheating on Dave with Conan. Holly is adopting Katen, and Margaret Cho called in.

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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Ep. 76 We're Mean Because of Kitty Porn

Join Holly and special guest hosts: Diane from Tasty Jewelry, JayT from Real Men Wear Pink, listener super-star Matty Malone, and Tim from Terminally Single.

On this episode, Nick's doing things with Matty's package, and Holly is making strides toward becoming a crazy cat lady. Seriously--adopt a shelter animal. Even if you want a purebred, they can be found at a shelter or breed specific rescue! Save a life! :) Holly almost catnaps, and we don't mean sleep! holly has minions, or rather wishes she did. Nick and Holly set up a porn distribution hub, or so Comcast thinks. Comcast sucks and is draining Holly's will to live. Cooper is into Kitty Porn! We talk about Larry Klye's adorability factor. Holly's a rookie and can't run a proper gang bang! We watch youtube, and it's (not) riviting podcasting! It's all fun and games until JayT fucks it up. Just kidding, we love you, JayT! Attn Steve Jobs: Holly needs a Mac! Buy jewelry from Tasty Jewelry, really! It's super cute, and very affordable! Holly has a juicy Lucy, and we LOVED Glee!

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