Sunday, June 1, 2008

EP 34 We're Mean Because The Skypes Hate Us

Episode 34, We go back to our roots which means our sound sucks pretty bad.

We attempt to talk about Top Chef, Clay Akin, Harvey Koreman, a new terrorist, birthday yummies, Frankenklinger is measuring Walt up, and Holly's cunty boss.

New Viewer Mail song! Thanks to everyone who wrote in and called in!

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(F)redddy said...

"Throwing a hot dog down a hallway" left me in tears. OMG!

I phucking love you fries. Your new mail intro rocks.

Kisses from Tejas.

Burritoe said...

Good show even with the shitty audio.
Love the stories from work Walt.

Maybe if your husbands didnt go download a bunch of porn during shows, zapping your internet connection, skype would be better for you.

Maybe you should give them all blowjobs before the show to test this theory.

Michael in Stuttgart said...

lol great comment burritoe :) I am sure the husbands will love that idea. But wait a moment, who is behind that nick name? Ken? Derek? Of is it Nik? Very clever, very clever indeed.