Monday, September 29, 2008

Ep 57 We're Mean Because Our Worlds Collide

Holly's podcast and real worlds collide again. Viewer mail-a-palooza!! We'll catch you up on emails next show! :) Trinket loves some nail polish. Holly's fantasy comes true on Comcast On Demand!

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Check out "The Screwed Up Life of Charlie the Second" by Drew Ferguson. It's really fabulous!

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1 comment:

[LaLa] Lauren said...

I love the Flat Out bread! Going to try your recipe. (Sans-meat)

I would never be able to work in a place with dead animal heads on the wall. Ick.

holly- a truck full of chickens on the way to slaughter was sort of the last straw for me before I turned vegetarian. that's not something you want to see on the highway after work on a beautiful day.

also, don't forget to try eBay for the discontinued nail polish. My favorite discontinued color is Senorita Rosalita!