Monday, September 7, 2009

We're Mean Because Holly Went To Austin

In this episode, Walt, Holly, Diane, and Freddy end up in Promises for rehab. (No, no, no!) We had random drunken, debauchery, and shenanigans. We do drunk karaoke, we eat bad, and good barbecue, we meet FABULOUS listeners, Joe, Jack, Kim, Curt, (who I for some reason have renamed Craig....We're Mean Because I'M Stupid!--blame the booze) Melanie, and Mandie! Mandie brings pressies!

(500) Days of Summer is awesome, go see it right away! PENIS!

Holly does Foursquare, and is the Mayor or Trader Joe's. Larry's the Mayor of Bitter.

The Alison/Andrea saga continues, and makes us laugh.

We have drunkie calls-a-palooza from:
RJ Dennis
maybe one from Holly....but probably not.

Listener emails from:
Ana from Chicago

Oprah needs to offer us a television deal. Larry discovers a new pandemic: Taylor Swift!

Sorry for the hack edit get what you pay for. ;)

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1 comment:

Arthur Schenck said...

In New Zealand, "Four Square" is a chain of neighbourhood grocery stores—superettes, we used to call 'em in Illinois.

I don't quite get the whole "Twilight" thing, either, but I liked the movie okay.

The word verification for my comment is "flabbili". How frackin'rude!!!