Friday, April 16, 2010

Ep. 97 We're Mean Because Holly Works At Utopia

Ep. 97 We're Mean Because Holly Works At Utopia

In this episode Holly tells the AMAZING benefits at her new job. We talk about the Walk for Animals, which the new job has donation follow the link and be generous, y'all! Honestly, this episode hasn't been edited, so your guess is as good as mine what we talked about...I have a headache and neckache from being rearended 5 hours ago. Listen and see what we talk about.

Thanks to Big Ricky for calling in.

Thanks to Laura and Neil Smith of the Smith's Occasional Podcast, I-Yin, Graveetas, and Sheryl for sponsoring Holly's Walk for Animals.

Episode 98 (the skipped episode) will be released very for it in the next couple of days.

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Little Aussie Battler said...

sure sounds a tad better than the diamond mine.
i'm starting my new job at 4am Monday. Hope it even has one of those benefits. - but nah, I'm just a casual... I'll be happy for just some cash.