Sunday, August 10, 2008

EP 51 We're Mean Because Kevin Spacey Has a Touch of the Gay

And Holly's world comes tumbling down! Why Can't We Be Friends, Check our Nessa's interview at, the Hootenanny in China, Parker Foster Aiken, Kevin Spacey is gay?!, Russia invades the Atlantas, chocolate-flavored candies, the Original Smells Likes, and Fuck you JC Penny's!

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I seen ya, I seen ya, I seen ya walkin' down in Chinatown
I called ya, I called ya, I called but you did not look around
I pay my, I pay my, I pay my money to the welfare line
I seen ya, I seen ya, I seen ya standing in it everytime


kim beaver said...

You know that we love you BJ! People only vote NO to tease :)

You must be on the show - because we love you!!!

kim beaver said...

Of course I voted NO, too - you know how much the British and the Germans love each other (yes I am half-German)

Please, Meanies, I know you don't really care about polls and stuff, have our sweet BJ anyway :)

(F)reddy said...

Holly, don't feel too bad. I met my last boyfriend IN a gay bar and didn't realize he was gay until his face looked like a glazed donut.

Nessa said...

Freddy, although that is so gross, it made me laugh hard enough to snort.