Monday, March 23, 2009

Ep 68 We're Mean Because We're Drunk and Stupid

Ep. 68 We're Mean Because We're Drunk and Stupid

In this episode, Holly forgets to hit record for the first 20 minutes, which I guess is a hazard to doing the drunkie cast. Special guests Larry Klye from The LK Today and Luciana, joins Holly today for adult smoothies.

As always we are all over the place. Holly's cousin may be a serial killer. You need liquor to wash down Creed. Holly wants a new pet. (Andy Dick) Don't eat the cotton candy....who are we kidding? We still will.

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[LaLa] Lauren said...

Thanks for telling everyone how to properly say, "açai"! I took Portuguese in college and learned how to say it, and ever since it became more popular it urks me every time I hear someone say "ah-sigh" or even worse, "ah-kye" ahh!! I'm mean because Americans don't know Portuguese.

erik98122 said...

Very fun drunky cast! Now if only I could get adult smoothies at the coal would be grand.

Erik in the Seattles

(F)redddy said...

I had the biggest gay crush EVER on J. Dahmer when he was arrested. I totally would have let him eat my spleen.

SO nice to hear the LK on the WMBYS. Memories of the New Yorks flooded my mind...and hand.