Thursday, July 3, 2008

EP 42 We're Mean Because It's America's Birthday, Hurrah!

Because we won't be doing a show this weekend, and I'm too lazy to edit it into two shows, you get a two fer one with this episode.

Happy Belated Birthday Sasha!

In this episode we discuss whores on myspace, Holly and her work shenanigans, Carbs are food, not friends, Walt being cancer free, update on the stray kitty, Heathers, and a Smells Like that is all over the place.

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Of thee I sing


erik98122 said...

Happy 4th kids!!! I'll be eating my way through Vegas! Food porn deluxe!

erik in Seattle

Melanie said...

Happy 4th! Stay safe and fire-free!

Melanie said...

Walt: Ken's nephew needs to be sold into white slavery in Zanzibar. I'm sure they can teach him interesting new things to do with that big mouth of his.

Holly: Screw your MIL -- come to Dallas for the weekend and stay with us. We have kitties! And ice cream!

Nessa: I like the title of "Nessa the Cunt of San Diego." I believe I shall also use, "Shut your hole, you whore!" as my new retort to all offensive people.