Sunday, July 20, 2008

EP 46 We're Mean Because Old Dirty Jesus Wears a Diaper

Episode 46, A savior has been found.

In this episode Holly shares her experiences with Jesus (pronounced Heyzues), Walt discusses Frankenklinger's new shoes and the new conspiracies that are being hatched, dinner with the family, and a new diet coach.

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"I kill all the government microchips in my body; I'm that paranoid nigga, at ya party; I kill all my enemies at birth; SHUT THE FUCK UP, bitch and let me stick my hands up your skirt"


(F)redddy said...

I'm so sorry Walt...

Archerr said...

I love when the phone rings you all start saying "Homer!"

Congrats on the iPhone Holly....yet another podcaster who has one.

I love Walt's stories from work. They are both sad and humorous. I'd hate to work with some of those people.

Kids are cunts. I hate those heely shoes. They are banned from our school.

I love it when you guys crack each other up with just laughter and then have a hard time bringing it back. I was cracking up just as much while listening.

Bye British John!

Unknown said...

all i have to say is the Big Baby Jesus loves some Cunt!