Wednesday, May 14, 2008

EP 29 We're Mean Because We're Doin' It Our Way

Episode 29 and we're gonna make our dreams come true!

We talk of delicious food porn, pets, Whip-its, and our Superstar dad! Smells like Laverne and Shirley! Survivor talk with Walt and Holly! Who remembers from HMDWL fame? Holly from the block and more food porn.

It's time for viewer mail! (Contest much? nope...)

Brady, Walt is old, please forgive his crotchety old ways!

Jerry, Listener 37!

Chasidy from Ohio, she can't stop once she pops

Phreddy, there was no picture attached!

Divy, giving a dose of karma

Rick, Long time listener, first time caller

Christopher, ala junk man

Alex, aka Trucker Alex and a new listener!

Don't try to sue us bastards, we have a lawyer! Ryan Star Jones! Outtake at the end!

Call and leave us a message at 1-206-309-0790 or email us at

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A special thank you to everyone who helped Holly raise $2,710 for her Walk for Animals!


erik98122 said...

Can I be listener #13? I'm alway pretty unlucky...I thought it would be fitting.



VJnet said...

OMGosh! I was laughing out loud at work! P-Holly Peeing in the cup and pouring it in the hole... to respell,.. Was like,.. Is that like one girl one cup?. lol! You all crack me-up!

(F)redddy said...

Here's what a huge L7 I am...I saw Rick down there at 8675309 a day or so ago, but it didn't register with me until you said it out loud.

Okay, off to work on my video strip tease greeting for Walt's birthday this weekend.

Archerr said...

Okay, I'm old and junk but what is a "whipit"? How do you do it and what does it do?

I'm all for spelling things correctly and using correct grammar and junk but Walt, lighten up on that kid. He's 14 and hasn't learned all that stuff yet. Plus, young kids these days use weird language that we aren't familiar with.

I bet there are some gays who would rub Nick's junk. He could make some bucks.

Anonymous said...

I remember the africam, I was hooked on that thing for months. I got my coworkers into it too. most of the time it was just watching nothing and then ooh.. you see an animal! so exciting!