Wednesday, May 21, 2008

EP 31 We're Mean Because We're Normal For Norfolk

EP 31 is shorter than normal, Hurrah!

This episode Walt thanks everyone for birthday love, buying a bathing suit, copyright phrases, the new blog, Flickr aka the listener gallery, cheesecake and being creepy, gyno talk with special guest Walt, and stories from Walt's work.

Special thanks sent out to Brad from Knoxville from Holly!

Thanks to all who participated in "It's Time FOR VIEWER MAIL."

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(F)redddy said...

What can be more fun than bloody vag talk?!? I mean, really. Although, this show really should have come with a "Ya shouldn't be drinking hot liquids while listening to this shit" warning.

Hey, y'all gonna have a link to your Flickrpickrs?


Michael in Stuttgart said...

Very nice show again kids :)
Just one remark, the order of your listeners seems to be incorrect.
.09 cannot be on the top of the list because it is still bigger than zero. I know that qcast Michael is on top of everything but not this time :) He could start the negativ numbers if he likes to.

Anonymous said...

What is the url for the Flickr site? Or at least the username so I can look it up? *crankier* (It's me, Sasha)