Monday, May 5, 2008

EP 26 We're Mean Because It's a Buck a Rub

Episode 26 starts with talks of Holly's new career choice.

We also talk about bad naps, tornadoes, ben and jerry's, and accents!

Amendment to contest rules! We have made an executive decision to make the contest for a viewer mail theme. So yea, make us a viewer mail theme, and the best one will get a super prize and the two runners up will be rotated with the big winner! You have the whole month of May to get to it!

And now it's time for VIEWER MAIL!

-Ragen (did i spell your name wrong?)

-Rich, Nessa's Het-boy bitch

-Chasidy, listener 21

-Ricky, Congrats on your test, we love our downzie bitch *hugs*

-Brad, who associates us with food and smells like steakum's

-Ricci, our adopted wait is Joel McHale our son-in-law?

-Devin, are you male or female? Let us know!

-Brady, we need a permission slip from your mom

-Mary, The sweetest sober girl we know

-Mr. Bee, oh so fabulous, we would travel miles for you

-Melanie, The rich, crazy, old, but brief one!

-A "friend" of Walt's.

-Ricky, dreaming of Holly's junk

-Phreddy, who was stimulated by the government

Smells like! Don't hassle the Hoff! Eric and Taylor should make a calendar! (although I just realized that those are not pugs)

You can call us at 206-309-0790 or email us your listener number at!

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Michael in Stuttgart said...

Excellent show again - thank goodness I am over 21 :) My Mom would never sign that permission!

(F)redddy said...

I haven't listened to the show yet, but I wanted to let you know that the cover art for this show is disturbing on too many levels. Now, off to listen...

Rebel Yankee said...

I will never let my little Boogs that close to my junk unintentionally.
The little bitch scratches and bites!

Archerr said...

Okay, I have an Amazon wish list now. And I want to be listener #2 please. :)

Mary Locke said...

you peoples crack me up. and i like the idea of the dollar a rub as a second source of income. and btw, i'd like to be listener 19. thanks :)

Michael in Stuttgart said...

Ok - I am listener zero, cause I know and love you guys since the very beginnings in Connecticut - when podcasting still was in black&white :)

(F)redddy said...

I wanna be listener 11.5, and I'll just let you figure that one out.

M said...

Can I please be number 9??? Please? You guys rock.

curtis1254 said...

Hey guys I just wanted to let you know that I want to be listener number 26.... Thanks alot!