Wednesday, April 30, 2008

EP 25 We're Mean Because of Funeral Potatoes

Episode 25, the silver episode full of talks of why Walt is a jackass, reality TV, breaking a leg, shark attacks, duct tape, food (of course), and nerds.


-Jen in Boston

-Mrs. Joel McHale

-Listener 27 Damon

-Brad from the 773 podcast and

-Chef Travis

-Eric from Confessions of a Southern Boy with new theme music!

-Karla from Ohio

Voicemails from Melanie and Karla and Daria at the end of the show!

New Contest! We are looking for a new intro! Make it about 30 seconds, you can use any clips from the show you want, and if you use music, please make sure it is podsafe or you have permission! Email it to us at and we will have the audience vote for the top three!

Smells like Chris Farley! Derek interrupts which leads to a Holly and Walt mini smells like! Walt can light a match which leads into talks of Michael Jackson.

Sponsor Holly with her Walk for Animals! Give a little, give a lot, it's a GREAT cause! You have until May 3rd to help out the animals!
Call and leave us a message at 1-206-309-0790 or email us at

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Special thanks to Michael for use of the music!


Rebel Yankee said...

I love you guys hard and junk. :-)

Rebel Yankee said...

Holy crap. My word verification below?
What the hell kind of subliminal message is that?!?

(F)redddy said...

This has nothing to do with your show, but I think Eric has a thing for mens in uniforms? "Ex-Fireman"..."Pozcop". Talk about your subliminal messages.

(F)redddy said...

Oh...your show...fabulous. But you already knew that.

Archerr said...

Happy Silver!

Ouch! Your parents put duct tape on your for several days in a row? I can't believe you have any skin left on your arm! But you did get to swim!

I love it when Holly justifies her eating cookies by saying they are healthy because they have oatmeal. hahaha

My mother calls it jello salad too! She puts shredded carrots in orange jello. Yuck!

If I had any musical talent, I'd submit something for your intro contest. But since I don't, I'd refer you to talented people like John Ong. He made mine and several others. I happen to like your current theme song. I've already grown to expect it when I press play. Keep it around!

You guys have so much fun when you're podcasting. I'm so jealous of how great you guys sound together. As Eric said, I love you guys hard and junk.

Oh, and one more thing....I got a chuckle when Holly said she would stop beating a dead horse about her Walk for Animals. hahahaha

Melanie said...

Happy Silver, pumpkins. Does this mean that you're officially old, now? I can tell you where to get a great deal on pimped Zimmer frames!

[LaLa] Lauren said...

Yea the jello salad isn't too far off from Indiana food at gatherings...I've noticed a general trend in mayonaise and bacon. "Ham salad" which consists of ham and noodles in mayo with bacon, of course potato and pasta salad (all with bacon..), then there's this actual lettuce salad, however it is also in a casserole dish, complete with mayonaise and bacon. EW!!! come on, Midwest..have you no creativity!!

Fairy Princess Holly said...

I agree with Archerr. I feel a little sad about the new intro thing. I'm attached to the one we have. :(

MattyMalone said...

Congratulations on your spin-off! All you have to do is direct Karla and Daria's voicemails to a new feed..Voila! new podcast! You could call it "calling mean people" ok, maybe that needs some work...
My favorite part is that Brutus can only not eat pillows "in the house" I get a picture of their back yard filled with fiberfill and shreds of fabric!

I also have another use for duct tape...although I believe Holly might have a problem with this one. We had a cat that insisted on "counter-surfing" This was the one activity that my mother had NO tolerance for...she read somewhere to deter a cat from something-make it a negative experience. So she went to bed one night with several pieces of duct tape lying sticky side up on the counter. She woke in the morning to a sulking cat, 2 balls of wadded-up duct tape with some orange fur...and a cat free counter! Sorry Holly, it probably violates several kitty rules. But it allowed the cat a much longer life!

Anonymous said...

I'm with Holly, Nessa & Archer, I like the current intro music. I'm not tech savy enough to figure out how to put something together for you guys.

My mom LOVES making jello "salads" for family get-togethers. I like jello and some fruit in it is good, but people go way overboard on putting veggies in it. My mom sometimes even serves it on lettuce leaves. ick!

My word verification is "kidgrab"... not sure what that means?!?

Michael in Stuttgart said...

Happy 25!!!
Congratulations - and where the hell is nessa's wish list?

Were Mean Because Youre Stupid said...

Michael in STGT: Walt and I thought Nessa would want people to buy us stuff for her birthday...she's a giver like that! ;)

Actually, Walt was going to put hers on this morning, but had to wait because she hasn't assigned a shipping address to it yet.