Sunday, April 20, 2008

EP 22 We're Mean Because We're Downzie Friends

Episode 22 Group show!
We are joined by the the fabulous Mary from A Drink to be Sober, podcast fan extraordinaire Melanie, and the glamorous Ricky from Foul Monkeys.

Voicemails at the end of the show from Tom the Ramble Redhead and Brad from Knoxville!

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Michael in Stuttgart said...

This must be the best show art I have ever seen - but tell me, is it not the guys from Dial H for Homo? I have a pretty good idea who everybody is - but who might be batman? Nice of you to plug their beautiful show. You are wonderful guys.
Excellent guests - and Melanie definitely needs to have a podcast. She is so funny. I like elderly people with a good sense of humour, even if it is the only sense they have left :) Amazing group show fun - please do this again soon!

Melanie said...

Thank you, Michael! However, I would like to apologize for my crappy headset and its continuous crackling and popping -- that has been rectified for future podcasts.

Now get off my lawn, you damn kids!

Michael in Stuttgart said...

Melanie - I love you. You are so funny :) Just checking out your blogs. You write SF? Fabulous. I am a huge Marion Z. Bradley fan (Darkover) and actually I am reading the 5th sacred element by Starhawk. Terrific!
I have to browse your work.
You have a dry sense of humor like Dorothy (my beloved Bea Arthur) - and that is highest praise I can give)


Archerr said...

Oh my gosh you guys had so much fun with Ricky, Mary and Melanie! So sorry I was podcasting live while you guys were recording. Forgive me. It all worked out in the end. Mary's podcast is now on my list to listen to!

Now...steak ums. I LOVED those as a kid. My mother would make those often because we were on a budget and they were cheap. I haven't seen those things in years!

The phantom balls.....loved that story and the fake balls. I don't know where you guys come up with these topics. Kept me rolling!

Leave it to Ricky to post all that wild stuff on his blog. Of course I had to go there to see all the things you were talking about.

Pink Taco = vajayjay right?

You guys had so much fun I wished I had been part of this one.

erik98122 said...

Great show guys! Mary, Melanie, and Ricky were a great addition to the show. I was laughing my ass off. Fun fun fun!

Love and kisses