Monday, April 14, 2008

EP 20 We're Mean Because of Dysfuntional Families

Episode 20, The show that left without Holly

-Follow up on the 3rd graders who planned to harm their teachers
-Hurrah for cheerleaders who record their evil
-These are the people in your neighborhood
-Confrontation is bad
-Holly and Nessa have big mouths and Walt's sloppy
-Weddings and what to wear, overalls anyone?
-She'll never look more beautiful
-Holly has a fine ass
-Ken will be taking over editing duties

IT'S TIME FOR VIEWER MAIL! (and voicemails)

-Eric from Confessions of a Southern Boy
-Melanie from the Clavicle of Texas
-Carla and Daria
-Ricky from Foul Monkeys
-Ron from Kansas City
-Chris from L.A.
-Sky, Walt's new bitch
-Diane from Tasty Jewelry
-Carla from Ohio also not a rapist
-Sarah from Virginia *drink*

-Send us your skype name if you want to participate in a group show or smells like segment! We know you're out there!

-Sponsor Holly with her Walk for Animals! She is so close to her goal! Give a little, give a lot, it's a GREAT cause! You have until May 3rd to help out the animals!

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Melanie said...

Okay, I know the artwork for this issue is used for comedic purposes, but you know what? There's some honest-to-Cthulhu happiness on their faces, and that's damned nice to see.

Unknown said...

You all are cranking out episodes almost faster than we can keep up! We're so out of touch but we are still listening. :)

Note to self: download Skype, buy mic!

Archerr said...

When you guys were talking about what people wear to the weddings, I thought Holly or Nessa were going to say people dressed like that at their weddings.

If I'm free, I'd love to join your group shows. It's the least I can do for all the group shows you guys have done for me. Keep me posted.

[LaLa] Lauren said...

Indiana weddings, specifically northern indiana weddings (where i live) are completely awful. Apparently a lot of people are polish around here, and apparently its polish tradition to eat fried chicken, sausage, sour kraut, green beans, and these nasty noodle things at weddings. Its so gross to see the beautiful bride biting into a fried chicken leg. Its so gross. I'm sorry if this is your tradition but come on! That's like, family reunion food. Ew! I also see people wear jeans and sneakers to weddings. And don't get me started on how guys thing wearing khakis is considered dressing up. Ahh!! Ok I need to stop before I offend anyone. (Oh and if I offended anyone, FINGER, I don't care)