Wednesday, April 9, 2008

EP 19 We're Mean Because We Sniff Markers

Episode 19...It is long...but we didn't do a show for Monday...did you even notice? Bitches!

-Nessa shares her plane ticket purchasing fun
-Holly and Nick try to do the right thing
-Walt has more tales of FrankenKlinger
-Holly works with Scrooge
-Birthday cakes and birth month names
-Dial H for Homo
-Sniffing Markers and murderous 3rd graders
-Birthday wishes to Candy, Tim C., and Diane
-Sesame Street
-Other people's children and the secret
-viewermail and voicemails
-Sean (1988 Represent!)
-(P)hreddy (Miley's #1 Fan)
-LaLaLauren (you can go to to make your own!)
-Chrissy (Thank you!)
-Tim (carebears haha)
-Joe (I'm a barbie girl)

-Send us your skype name if you want to participate in a group show or smells like segment! We know you're out there!

-Sponsor Holly with her Walk for Animals! She is so close to her goal! Give a little, give a lot, it's a GREAT cause! You have until May 3rd to help out the animals!

-The outtake made it this time! Marital bliss at the Walt and Ken household!

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Melanie said...

Yeah, love you too, Walt! Big kisses! Mwah!

Hmm, now where oh where did I put that Giant Crafts Catalogue for Ken...

Rebel Yankee said...

Hi, Ladies (and Nessa)!
Another lovely show.
The outtake at the end was fantastic. Only two people who truly know each other could go at it like Walt and his man and still stay together. :-)
Also, Holly? You guys need to egg the CFO's car. Holy shit, was an asshole.

kim beaver said...

Great show again!
Holly, your CFO is appalling. You should egg him and not his car, and teach Amex a lesson and make some of your friends claim that gift cart.
Lol, I liked the story about that evil kid. Sometimes it is hard to decide whom to strangle first. The brat or their breeders. No offense, there are nice kids and nice parents, but none of them ever visit me.
Aww - I always loved Grover best - he is super!!! And so is Dial C for Chinese :)
Ha, I got you from the start - you guys are fabulous :))

Michael in Stuttgart said...

Oh boy - you are so hilarious - and no one in the whole world laughs and giggles (and sings) like Nessa. Girl, you are wonderful. And so are Holly and Walt :)
You always make me feel so good. Actually you saved my life kinda last week. I'm listening to you mostly when I drive to my sweetie who lives in another city. And after driving for two hours in storm and rain I almost fell asleep - I was sooo tired it was actually a bit dangerous. So I quit someone else's here unnamed podcast and put on WMBYS and you really made me wake up again. I was soo laughing that the rest of the journey was just awesome - like you :)

Archerr said...

Nessa that sucks about your flight issues. I would so make your mom pay for the change. hehehe

Holly, I wouldn't have called American Express. I would have just taken the check and cashed it or used it for something. Screw them.

Walt, my students love me. They would never do anything like those third graders planned.

Okay, I got a bit crazy listening to that back and forth twitter thing with Chrissy. I got so confused. I couldn't figure out if you are now following her or not. It was funny trying to follow that.

773 Podcast said...

Just listened to your show for the 1st time, Nessa...and I love it! Count me as a regular!

Um...what are you guys' Twitter ID's? I dont see them anywhere on your site. I won't follow you and then drop you, promise.


Nessa said...

Brad, I added links to each of our twitter things to the side bar of our blog :)

I'm glad you listened and you like! It was nice to meet you on Archerr's show!

[LaLa] Lauren said...

Glad you like the songs! I will probably be updating it soon, keep an eye out!

[LaLa] Lauren said...

Ohh and i forgot..those markers!! Those smelly good markers! They remind me of elementary school art class. And the trashy girl who thought they tasted good too, so she drew all over her tongue with them and showed me one time. I got a different set of markers after that...

Unknown said...

OMG, I remember those scented markers. Problem was, they still had stuff in them that made you high when you sniffed them. I remember some of my fellow students snorting them and getting headaches. The teacher had to make them go outside and breathe clean air for about 15 minutes just so they could come down from them. Not long after that, the markers mysteriously disappeared.