Wednesday, April 16, 2008

EP 21 We're Mean Because We're Legal, Hurrah!

Episode *hic* 21! We can get it ourselves!

-Nick, that is Holly's wii!
-What the hell is with golf on TV?
-Derek will never be a plumber!
-Walt got his husband a new husband!
-Walt puts his foot in his mouth.
-Ooooh Weee Oooh Holly's mom loves Buddy Holly
-Tool of the week, Dr. Phil

(after a detour to an intervention)

-Bjorn, we're sorry about Harvey.
-Chassidy, thank you, but GAWD DAMN!
-Hex, From our iPod to yours.

-Holly and Walt speak reality Chinese!

-Voicemails at the end of the show!
-Tim from
-Melanie from
-Ricky from

-Send us your skype name if you want to participate in a group show or smells like segment! We know you're out there!

-Sponsor Holly with her Walk for Animals! She is so close to her goal! Give a little, give a lot, it's a GREAT cause! You have until May 3rd to help out the animals!

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Michael in Stuttgart said...

The new "Our stupid husbands" segment is hilarious. When "Nes" told that plunger story I had to laugh so hard that my stomach literally ached.
You guys are unbelievable!
PS: Your commenters love you too, not only the email geeks and the voice letterers!

Archerr said...

It was funny how long it took you guys to finally get to the viewer mail. You kept getting sidetracked. Loved it!

Walt said...

And we love you, too, Michael. I'd love it if you called in one day, but being international makes it a little harder.

kim beaver said...

I know weird things happen to us all every day, but no one else tells them so fabulously like you do. You are hilarious!!! Thanks for great and wonderful entertainment and fun!