Monday, May 12, 2008

EP 28 We're mean Because of Prairie Dogs

Episode 28! Hex, we missed you!

We talk of stimulation, Gay Days, we're three old people talking about our pets, Survivor and moralities, and a coal miner's daughter story complete with weird skype awkward silence.

It's time for viewer mail! (Don't forget about the contest)

-Devin (who is a girl, for reals)

-Ragen (Hoody hoooo)

-Chris (NSFW next time please)

-Mandi (Walt's old, you have to spell things out)

-Adam (It you drink a diet coke, it cancels out the calories)

-Scotty from Australia (you're invited to the baby shower)

-Melanie (crazy, rich broad who knows a lot about crack)

-Joe (who will always be a 10 in our eyes)

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Archerr said...

OMG! That peeing in the cup and pouring it down the hole was SO funny! I was cracking up during that whole story. You guys are just so funny! I love you guys!

(F)redddy said...

Holly must be a billionaire by now.

Michael in Stuttgart said...

Lol - one girl and a cup, that was hilarious!!!
Although, I assume that you killed all the plants in that part of the garden and that there probably won't ever grow anything anymore. But what the heck :)

I actually do have a very annoying neighbor - I wonder if I could take a leaf out of Holly's book, or rather a cup out of her board :)

You are wonderful!

Fairy Princess Holly said...

Michael, you'd be surprised...urine in small amounts actually fertilizes the lawn! :)It's when you over do it that you get brown/yellow patches. The grass grew quite nicely after my lawn "treatment!"

erik98122 said...

Golden Showers! yay!
Love you guys!

Anonymous said...

May I have listener number 12? Thanks I love you guys. This is Cassandra by the way, you probably need to know that.