Saturday, February 9, 2008

EP-03 We're Mean Because of Cake

Episode Three! Hurrah! This episode we discuss Steve Jobs and him obeying FP Holly.

Snack porn available at Costco! Eating disorders on a Saturday afternoon.

Walt shares pictures of his naked self on his blog and Holly plays Tarzan. Nessa says no to boobie shots. Walt offers to pull down his pants. Curious about Big Fatty? You can find him at! So charming without farts noises. Ruined!

Holly shares her stash and we transfer the blame to another podcaster. It's birthday month again!

Celebrity smells Family Ties edition! Huey Lewis and the News Rules! QVC! Joan Rivers! What does Super Bee smell like?

Our first "we suck" email and Walt has a #1 fan! Voicemails are really really good! Holly will cut a bitch! Walt goes fan-girly for Alexander Schultz!

Skype smells like poop!

Another plea for presents!

Outtake at the end of the show!

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Arthur Schenck said...

So none of you watched that video, huh? I see. Actually, it is long--I haven't made it all the way to the end. Still, it does have useful information.

That cake (Mmmmmmm... cake....): Is that a photo of River hiding in the background?

You all do NOT cackle like the Wicked Witch of the West! Not most of the time, anyway... (though apparently Walt is melting).

Were Mean Because Youre Stupid said...

Arthur it will get watched! :) We really do appreciate you sending it our way!

Fairy Princess Holly said...

Very observant of you, Arthur! Yes, that is a photo of River when he was a baby in the background! And a good deal of that cake went into my belly last night! :)

Archerr said...

Congratulations Walt on your weight loss and for becoming a man this week! That's amazing!

Yea, let's see Walt's naked pics!! Don't worry, I'll delete it right after I see it. I deleted BIg Fatty's balls right away!

You can NOT blame the lameness of your podcast on me! Hehehe...oh, and it's not my birthday month. Very funny. Suck it, mean people. hahahaha

Oh that was SO mean what you said about Michael J. Fox....funny, but MEAN!

You made Kevin smell like all things nice. Hmmmmm...except for that mean phone call.

I just love it how you kept blaming things on me and referring bad comments and such to me. Love it! I'll take 'em. Oh, and the presents are on the way. hahaha

Love the snack porn!

Unknown said...

Add me to the list of people who'd like to see the naked pics of Walt. I also congratulate you on your weight loss, and for becoming a man. Kudos all around.

I'm really liking the show, and I know this baby has legs and who knows? You might just be bugging all of us to vote for you for Podcast of the Year later on...

Keep up the good work, and all of you just smell funny. :)