Friday, February 15, 2008

EP 4.5 We're Mean Because Corky Wanted a Rubber

Part 2 has arrived...

In this half we discuss having no food in the house and Walt and Nessa not drinking soda. Go Venus!

Sweet dreams are made of this? Clowns are scary.

Heathen Holly discusses burning in church and this leads into more snack porn. Give Nessa a break! Walt and Holly are candy squirrels. Cadbury eggs are fabulous! Peeps are not so good.

American Idol...Too nice! Give the people what they want! But still we get sucked in to vote. Bo Bice, Holly? Really? Kevin Spacey? Really?! Jump on them and wiggle! Dr. Drew, yumzies!

Bad music on the iPod. NKOTB! Jordan Knight is an ass. Finger! Casting a Lifetime Movie staring Will Smith as Walt and Valerie Bertanelli as Nessa. Who would play Holly?

The Other Sister, What's Eating Gilbert Grape, we are going to hell. Life Goes On with Corky.

Foul Monkeys is really foul. Really really foul. Holly and Nessa are not into the porn sites. Walt didn't believe them.

Nessa sucks at editing.

Mr. X., Who are you?!

Outtake at the end of the show!

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Fairy Princess Holly said...

Sadly, I completely forgot most of this show, and when I saw the title, I cracked up! We're going straight to hell! :)

Nessa said...

I know! But it's so funny

Unknown said...

Muy random teasers, girls. I see, you're going to make me listen to an actual 'cast.

And is it just me? I just don't remember Corky seeking a man baggie.

I guess I'm stupid.

Hey, does that qualify you to be mean? Go ahead, I don't mind.

Archerr said...

You all are SO going to hell for talking about those "special people" movies. However, it did make me laugh hearing you talk about it. hehehe

Walt said...

We'll save you a seat, Archerr. In the cool kids section. That's where we'll be.

Unknown said...


The marshmallow candy eggs you were talking about are known as, well, "marshmallow eggs," and they are one of my favorite Easter candies.