Sunday, February 24, 2008

EP 07 We're Mean Because We Need Divorce Lawyers

Episode 7 that almost didn't happen!

Nessa is going to jail. The husbands should get together and make their own damn podcast. The Boring Show starring Nick, Ken, and Derek! Awkward! Mario, WoW, and Tivo.

They don't listen! High and shrill, Helen Keller, and delayed response.

More talks of big fatty and television. Holly has parental issues. DVDs we never open! Dynasty, Dallas, and Knotts Landing. Walt is old!

Pre-show marital fighting scars Holly! An outtake at the end will explain it all!

Celebrity Rehab and Celebrity Fit Club!

Tons of emails and voicemails! (Thanks everyone!)

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Archerr said...

I loved Soap when I was younger because it had the first gay character that I could remember on TV.

I can't believe you leave things in the plastic...when I buy something, I open it right away!

I was a JR in high school when they had the Who Shot JR thing. I LOVED Knots Landing! I saw EVERY episode!

You all have so many bitches. I don't have any!

I agree with Melanie! I wanna see Walt's junk too! Post a picture!

I love the outtakes at the end....Nessa talking to Derek was funny! "What ever you need to do to make noise, do it now!"

kim beaver said...

Oh good lord - I love Walt, but please spare us his pie, good heavens. It smells like pie? what kind of pie? sweet or salty? Oh, no - I don't want to know.

Beautiful show by the way - I love you!

Michael in Stuttgart said...

I disagree. I actually think that pie is great. Do I want a photo? Hmm, well - I survived Sigourney Weaver in Alien 1-7, so I guess pretty nothing could frighten me anymore...