Saturday, February 2, 2008

We're Mean Because We're Bitter

Episode two bitches! This episode skype hates us, so skype can suck it.

Holly has the flu, Walt breaks stuff, and Nessa sends love.

We give another podcaster a hard time (in the spirit of the show)

We discuss people ripping us off, how greedy McDonalds really is, and leaving your purse and cameras in bad places.

Emails and voicemail galore! Walt checks his penis at the door and goes down under.

More "What does that celebrity smell like" presidential nominee hopeful edition.

An Outtake at the end of the show!

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Michael in Stuttgart said...

Actually the breathing was clearly better this time - what gave this second baby of yours a much smoother birth :) Congratulations - and thanks for the shout out Nessa darling - be sure, I am heeding your advice - on a regular basis an with great skill :)

xoxox Michael in Suckgart

Archerr said...

Yeah! A second episode! I didn't hear the breathing this time either. The skype sucks but now you can see what I go through on a weekly basis. Don't worry, it will be better some times and worse others. I was still able to hear you all.

I loved that out take at the end! Walt is SO funny! And such a girl! hehehe

Arthur Schenck said...

Wow! I'm so honoured to be the second podcaster to be "smelled" (no one minds being second to the podfather...). And thanks for the kind words, even about the platypus eggs, though they're native to Australia. Kiwis the birds are native to NZ, Kiwifruit are native to China and Kiwi the Arthur is native to the US, of course, whatever the accent. Mmmmmm pumpkin pie....

Aroha nui!

Anonymous said...

Breaking News, Kids:

Walt said...

Thanks for the heads up, Michael. We'll have to get our crack legal team on this and get a cease & desist notice out.

Nessa said...

funny, that's not what I thought he smelled like.

Fairy Princess Holly said...

How DARE they steal that segment from us, when I stole it fair and square from a radio station! ;)