Friday, February 22, 2008

We're Mean Because Nessa Was a Co-pilot

Hey Kids,

I had the great pleasure of filling in for Taffy on Pod is My Copilot! I made my copilot debut on episode 47! You really should go check them out at and in iTunes! They are a trio of fabulous people and we here at WMBYS say go give them a listen or suck it.


erik98122 said...

Nessa you were great on the show! You had me cracking up!!

shhhh we wont tell Taffy!

Michael in Stuttgart said...

Yea, Nessa was fantastic (as usual) - and I agree she has the sweetest and nicest giggle, especially when she has just said thing that might even make a sailor blush.

Michael i. STGT

Nessa said...

Thanks boys :)
I had a blast!