Thursday, February 21, 2008

Ep 06 We're Mean Because We Have Daddy Issues

Episode 6 (and it's a long one kids)

Nessa loves her work husband! He brings her cake! Holly naps at work and we decide that Nick chose smother therapy. Note to self, delete this file! Holly admits to watching Oprah! How much did he hate her? Wow! That is a huge F you! Nessa and Holly wonder if it was their dad. Mental health, that's how we roll. *cue poopy music*

We are actually somewhat prepared for this show. Don't worry Michael in Stuttgart, it won't happen again. We drank the podcasting kool aid and answer the survey! No iPhone *cue poopy music*

We need some feedback kids! How many episodes would you like to hear a week? How long is too long? We want to give the people what they want.

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Archerr said...

So glad you guys answered all the questions. We learned so much about you. I found it so funny that I kept coming up and my nick name was so much fun for you guys. I really enjoyed this one!

Melanie said...

I'd be happy to listen to as many eps as you can record, but maybe one a week would be best for quality control purposes.

Oh, wait a minute! Look who I'm talking to? Ahahahahahahaha!

Michael in Stuttgart said...

One episode per week? Oh no! That would be like one little piece of chocolate, one drop of soda or only one sniff at a fresh baked cookie per week -

What about taking a leaf out of Big Fatty's book? Ok, that might be to much of an effort. But what about twice a week and a third one for special occasions?

Your show is a bit like good wine, or in your case yummy cheese. It gets better and better with time and is equally addictive (thank goodness without the carbs - although listening to your show always makes me hungry and raid the fridge.

Michael i. STGT

Martha Thomases said...

When you asked about the favorite holiday, my first thought was Purim! All the dressing up of Halloween, without the gentile competition.

erik98122 said...

Hey Kids! Loved the episode as per usual! It's all coming together nicely. I'd love as many episodes as possible to get me through my time spent in the cubicle farm. Just don't burn out and go away!

Oh and Holly, I feel your pain! My huzzbear snoring shakes the rafters. I've often contemplated smothering him in his sleep! OFTEN!!!

For some reason I couldn't get your TFF picture to load Walt. Bummer. Here's my moments of 80's glory...because I'm also the 80's bitch.

Love you guys!!!
erik in Seattle

erik98122 said...

Guess my link is too long (oh that sounds naughty). I'm a tard. Feel free to search my flickr page for my 80's shame.

Fairy Princess Holly said...

Erik, the fact that you have a photo album titled "I heart food" in your flickr makes me love you all the more!

Walt said...

Eric -- Somewhere between Howard Jones and A Flock of Seagulls? You looked so fragile in your 80s shot. But just as adorable.

Just go to my blog and look down to last Friday's entry called Random Pictures. The TFF pic is the first one.

Anonymous said...

I love the tramp stamp comment! That's my new phrase. Nessa you crack me up. =)

I also liked listening to the survey answers. You guys have alreay moved up my podcast list to #2 must-hear... right behind QCast. Good job

Walt said...

Hey QThunderboys!

I checked out your blog and you boys are cute!

My friend Sharon was born in LaCrosse, though she's lived in NY most of her life. She's still got family back there and speaks fondly of it often. And especially of the cheese. LOVE CHEESE!!!