Monday, February 18, 2008

EP 05 We're Mean Because We Gave Up Jesus For Lent

Episode 5 is alive (I know, so witty)

This episode was almost crushed by the Skype gods. Blame Comcast, we did.

Johnny Bravo makes a TV appearance. Nope, he has no standards.

Holly orders Steve Jobs around. It worked the first time. More Snack Porn. Fillet O' Fish. If it frolics in the sea, it's for me. Nessa disagrees. Lent is only good for Fish.

Nessa has flashbacks of an evil nun who didn't want her to wear pants. Corporal punishment. Dinosaur bones and Jesus Camp. Where the hell did Mary and Joseph come from. And we have a title for the show. All the cool kids go to hell.

Valentines day? This means TV and binge eating in our world. Walt calls Holly out. It's the dog's fault! Holly and Nessa have cold black hearts. No gifts for you! Valentines is not Christmas! Easter is only good for the candy! It pays to have a man in retail. Our spouses need 2nd jobs! They're selfish.

Frankenklinger! Jamie Farr but not as pretty. Lets hear it for lactating! So inappropriate! Holly's a boy? What? Frankenklinger is Jeff Conoway's mom. Walt throws up in his mouth.

We smell like denial. Hey, leave us a review on iTunes.

No more TV for Nessa! Noooo! Walt and Holly discuss Survivor. Get some Crest White Strips Johnny! Danny Bonaduce is totally crazy and we love it! Celebrity boxing. Reality TV is like pot.

Paris Hilton smells like...How many inches was that? We lost count.

Emails and Voicemails! Check out the salt shakers and Terminally Single.

We have bitches! Ricky and Carla! Who is Walt's bitch? Oh yea...Nicole. We love you Ricky and Carla!

Venus doesn't listen. Too bad we're perfect for craft a day! 8 minutes, 4 seconds.

Tim, we love that you know when the Love Boat comes out (March 5th)! Nessa pretends to know TV trivia.

Turns out Nessa knows something about Ken's favorite movie and Nessa freaks out!

Walt is jealous that Holly and Nessa have multiple bitches! Erik from Seattle and Michael in Stuttgart yumzies!

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Michael in Stuttgart said...

Being your bitch made my day :)
I think we bitches need badges, WMBYS IS THE MEANEST!
You guys are super-sucky (je, I learned a new word - thanks Rose) and I love listening to you :)
And please, please never start preparing, this would ruin everything. We love you the way you are :)

Lots of love from Bitchgart


Archerr said...

Loved hearing you guys talk about religion. I agree with Holly completely. And that movie made me very scared too! If Huckabee ever had a chance, we'd be dealing with those people more often.

Tristin a lot of things.

Ricky B said...

YAY I am the uno numero bitcho! Hooray!

Anonymous said...

You forgot that Tristin smells like pee. Literally.

The Shaun Cassidy movie is called "Like Normal People" (not "Ordinary People"), which may be why Hot Mommy Susan can't find it anywhere. :-) a Quote: "No babies Roger, they say we will eat them." Seriously.

Arthur Schenck said...

Holly is a boy! That explains a lot...