Wednesday, April 23, 2008

EP 23 We're Mean Because We're Too Lazy To Get a Divorce

Episode 23!

Talks of Earth Day, Walt gets an award, garage sales, and bad gifts from the family. Food Porn? More like Snack Disney!


-Chasidy from Ohio

-Marina from

-Macy the translator

-Damon aka listener 27

-Sarah from VA

-Big Dumb Donkey Girl

-Carla and Daria (this will explain the show title)!

-Mollie from Ohio not from the Ringwalds!

-Tim C. from Go Rainbow Radio and There are Some Who Call Me Tim!

-Ryan from The Way We See It and Nessa's Jewish Princess!

-Joe Happy Belated Birthday!

-Phreddy who is Phabulous!

-A special thank you for Candy! She's up there with chocolate cake!

A special message at the end of the show! Very exciting!

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(F)redddy said...

Phucking phantastic! Phor reals!!!

erik98122 said...

Another fabulous and chocolate cakegasmic episode! Yay for not pod fading!! I need my Mean fix at least once a week or things just get ugly. Thanks keep me sane...well mostly.

I was also excited about hearing about the potential new podcast! :)

yippee skippeee

love you guys!


Unknown said...

OMG, I LOVE those All-Bran crackers. Since I have to count my carbs now, I had to declare crackers mostly off-limits. These things, however, are a Godsend. To me, they DO qualify as a snack porn!

The cheese that Nessa was talking about is Babybel, which is a snack money shot to me.

Melanie said...

Thanks for putting in the promo, Nessa! And the podcast is now live -- Now I just have to learn to stop laughing all the time!