Sunday, April 27, 2008

EP 24 We're Mean Because We're Talking About Lady Junk

Episode 24, Walt is in rare form!

Just like the title, we talk about lady junk, Shelia from Big Brother, and the CNN guy who tied rope around his junk.

We are joined by listener Hex for smells like hilarity!


-Ricky from Foul Monkeys

-Phabulous Phreddy

-Tim aka Carebear from Terminally Single

-Divy who does not have a support problem

-Wes from Live it Up!

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Melanie said...

Sheila's hoo-hoo is why Brazilians were invented. I mean, really -- whip out the hedgeclippers and trim back the bush, girl.

Archerr said...

Walt was in rare form on this episode!

That whole juicy conversation was making me vomit and then when I had to see Shelia'sjunk after all that talk, I really let it go. Gross! Thanks for sharing though!

So cool that you got a listener on the show! Hex sounded fun.

erik98122 said...


M said...

Hex was good on the show. I am a medical assistant and one of my biggest things was doing blood draws. I made myself do it, alot. It paid off because I get rave reviews from my victims er I mean patients.