Wednesday, May 28, 2008

EP 33 We're Mean Because Nessa Was Expelled From Lady Junk

Episode 33, you got your whip-its in my cool whip!

We almost didn't have Walt with us, he didn't want to stay on Skype! In this episode we discuss Walt's bleeding vag, new podcast name?, special birthdays, listener numbers, new food porn, Holly needs one of these for love, Nessa comes to terms with her creepiness, fucking the pain away (still), the laxative diet, and Flikr! Yes we finally have a link on our website!

It's time for VIEWER MAIL! With theme song by listener Jerry! You win! Thank you all for participating and the birthday wishes! There are a few after the show too!

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Michael in Stuttgart said...

Happy birthday my darling Nessa :) You are wonderful and I love you!!!!

erik98122 said...

happy happy joy joy! Just wanted to with you a fun filled birthday. You deserve the very best!


Erik in Seattle

Melanie said...

Ooooh, Keith Olbermann! I want his babies!

Archerr said...

Happy Birthday, Nessa! I hope you had a great day!