Wednesday, March 5, 2008

EP 10 We're Mean Because We're Pod-Fading

Episode 10...Double digits y'all!

Now I promise that the sound is 100% better and should be after three tries!

Like Betty White (see show art) we are tired of this episode! And in the spirit of the show, we are tired of show notes!

Tons of smells likes! Happy Birthday Sara and Ricky!

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Don't forget to check out Holly's Walk for Animals!


Archerr said...

Congratulations for reaching double digits! Happy 10th!

Oh my gosh you guys were entertaining YOURSELVES more on this podcasts than ever before. I guess the 2 hours it took to get this one out made you guys punchy.

I heard Walt and Nessa say their birthdays were in May....well, don't forget, May is my birthday MONTH. I'll take an iPhone too.

I've just donated to Holly's walk. I'm very proud of her for doing that.

I've already left you a 5 star review but there's no need to put my name in the hat. I'm just thrilled to be part of the podcasting world. :)

Wes said...

I love your nicknames, especially "Poor Nessa." Nice job on 10 episodes.

erik98122 said...

Walt, my legal team will be contacting you regarding a cease and desist order! Ha! Spring is almost here so prepare for legs to be out and about and they may just decide to make an appearance on flickr. Though I must say some of the finest in the blogosphere belong to Michael. Hubba hubba!

Loved show 10 kids!!! Needless to say another 5 star worthy show. And you better be putting my name in the hat cos papa loves prizes!!

And while I'm blabbing....since I am your bitch Holly, if you need me to go kick someones ass in the pod world let me know. I heard that a certain someone was giving you shit about your political choice. I don't take kindly to people messing with my Holly!!!! Viking ass whooping time!

Love you guys!

Walt said...


You don't have to bother your legal team with a silly cease & desist order. My own legal council is working on getting a restraining order for you. That should be a wake up call for me, I guess, when my own people are working against me.