Monday, March 17, 2008

EP 13 We're Mean Because We Feel Gay

Lucky episode 13 for three of our listeners!

Nessa is a nazi, Walt that was TMI! We actually sorta had to plan this episode (sorry Michael in Stgt)!

You have to listen to the show to find out who won the contest! First come, first serve! We have an, iTunes, and Target gift card up for grabs! You winners need to email us as soon as possible with what you want in order of how bad you want it. Thank you for everyone who left us a review and participated!

Fun talk of cold sores, yay for Clorox wipes! Herpes, good times!

Molly, call our voicemail line! We love you! Luke, be a good bitch! Walt will let you wear clothes! Celebrity Rehab Reunion! Holly is psychic. Vern as Freddy?! It could happen in our world. Top Chef. That is an ugly mother fucking Kiwi! Hells Kitchen! He feels gay! Gordon Ramsey has double standards.

Voicemails...11 of them...good god! Emails too! You can find the food porn store here!

Thanks again to all those who have donated to the Walk for Animals! Remember you have until May 3rd to sponsor Holly and she will be matching dollar for dollar up to $1,000!!

Call and leave us a message at 206-309-0790 or email us at

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Archerr said...

When you were announcing the winners of the contest and they were YOU...I was shouting at my iPod...It's Rigged! But then you said it was a joke...that was funny.

I don't know how you get so many voicemails. You guys are SO popular.

I love all the random stuff you guys talk about...I don't always get it, but it's funny hearing you guys.

erik98122 said...

Oh shiz! Holly, I hope you don't mind sharing with mr B. I'll be a good bitch for both of you...promise!! Now if only I could manage to escape Walt's least he lets me watch Top Chef! I'm glad Nimma left..she was too sadsy all the time. And whats up with Andrew, he needs to be given a dose or two of Ritalin.

Ok back to cleaning Walts place...if I do a good job he lets me have cake.

love you guys
erik in Seattle

Were Mean Because Youre Stupid said...

It's fine...I can share you with Mr B. I am happy that Walt is at least letting you watch Top Chef and eat cake. But, since you are my, and Mr B's bitch, I'm gonna have to come rescue you. :)


Michael in Stuttgart said...

Why rescue him Holly ?- who wouldn't love to have Walter's cake?
Rumour has it that is tastes like pie.