Friday, March 14, 2008

We're Mean Because We Don't Want Skirts With Uteruses On Them!

So bizarre I posted it on my personal blog, and had to put it here, too. This is currently available for purchase on Etsy. Wow! That is sure a conversation piece! File this under "what the hell?"


[LaLa] Lauren said...

Damn, talk about feminism. ew!

kim beaver said...

Honestly I would love to punch the designer in the throat - to use my favorite Nessa quote.

What hurts me most though is that there obviously are women who buy and wear that kinda crap.

Imagine guys with dress suits with pictures of their willies on them.. Well, I guess they would wear them (but only the xxl versions)

Unknown said...

I'm relieved we did not get to see the back of the skirt.

And I think I speak for a majority (or at least a strong minority) of guys when I say we would not wear pants plastered with a pecker.