Monday, March 24, 2008

EP 15 We're Mean Because We're Homewreckers

Episode 15!

We start with a tale of Frankenklinger! It takes a mirror and a pair of pliers. Archerr group show and JayT doesn't listen.

We discuss the different Cadbury creme egg flavors. Say no to fudge, it's not worth the calories. Calories don't count on Easter. Banana juice. Grilled peanut butter and banana sammie. We celebrate the obese Elvis! Subway celebrates Mama Cass. Scooby doo and pot induced munchies. Walt plays with his dolls. We continue the food porn with talks of Papa Johns pizza. Garlic and Cheese sauce. No human contact required.

The joys of crappy service. Thanks for bringing me my sodas, here's a dollar. Cows gave Holly a conscience.

We're three old people talking about our cats! Sell it to the Gypsies! Karaoke! Nessa's white trash! "Bad music" on your iPod. Rick rolling and Milli Vanilli! Everyone used to lip sync. Putting on the hits!

Holly has a fortune in her pocket leads to an email!

Walt wants his socks back Qcast! Luke won't come out of the bathroom!, listen to them, no notes, I'm lazy.

Thanks again to all those who have donated to the Walk for Animals. Remember you have until May 3rd to sponsor Holly and she will be matching dollar for dollar up to $1,000!!

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1 comment:

Archerr said...

I love it when you guys talk about me....then again, everyone likes it when they are talked about.

Holly is so lucky to get that coupon all the time. I don't hate Papa Johns...I just don't like the's too spicy for me.

I bought Rick Astley on cassette when it came out too, Walt! Of course I have the CD now.