Wednesday, March 19, 2008

EP 14 We're Mean Because of Easter Candy!

Episode 14 begins with an outtake!


We begin discussing the food porn store Mr. Bee told us about during the last episode.

Cheesy Monday night TV, the Fattest Loser, and Celebrity Fit Club.

Diet goals, Walt is a skinny bitch, Candy, more candy, and more candy! Mexican and Italian. It's all cheese and carbs!

We have a ton of voicemails!
No more Byzantine Empire, How do you kill someone with a cell phone? Check Walt out on Terminally Single episode 29! Walt is so modest! Our Jewish Princess, The Vanderbilts don't hire incompetent legal council. They don't suffer from the CRS. Anderson likes waffles. Michael Stipe had Cheerios. Holly held the towel. Food Porn! Sorry, Anthony about the lost voicemail. Food pornographer! We do not like the Applebees! Send the recipe! Gordon Ramsey is cute in a weird way! Send the iPhone, we'll recycle it for you! Tim is in the bitter barn. A showgirls moment? What? We're confused because Walt is the star. Holly was on her hands and knees for the Stanley Steamer man. We're positive that today sucks! Holly is going on a road trip. Erik will be moved for the weekend. Crazy Melanie! Vote Nader! Walt's a pussy tease! I've fallen and i can't get up! Holly has an idea for a television show. Uncle SuperBee! Aunt Holly! He didn't tell us what he forgot! But wait, he called back. Finally done! Thank you all, it's awesome how great ya'll are.

Emails- um you can listen to the show.

Happy Easter to those who celebrate, if not, your seat is saved in hell :)

Special message after the show for a very special listener!

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Archerr said...

I was so glad that Big Bang Theory came back too! I've been enjoying The New Adventures from Old Christine for a few weeks now. Love that show too!

Congrats to Walt! When Holly was describing eating stuff at work, I could totally relate. When I know there is food around, I got search it out. It's so bad. I need to get on Walt's diet. I love the cheese and carbs too, Nessa.

Vote Nader!

Loved that skit at the end by Michael and Super B. That was great!

Melanie said...

YOU TROLLOPS! I am NOT old! I am YOUNGER THAN SPRINGTIME, dammit, and I have the weapons to back that statement up!!! 41 is the new 31! Screw you all! WAHHHHHHHHH!

Actually, the funniest thing about that is, the woman in the "I've fallen -- AND I CAN'T GET UP" commercial is named...yes, you guessed it...Mrs. Fletcher. I got a certain amount of jokes about that once I married the Bodacious Brit.

erik98122 said...

Free at last!!! Walt, your going to have to get the hubby to do the cleaning and foot rubs from now on! Sorry!

Hope you guys have a wonderful Easter!! Eat lots and lots of candy. The calories don't count on Easter.