Monday, March 10, 2008

EP 11 We're Mean Because We Stalk From A Distance

Episode 11! Sorry it wasn't up last night Sasha!

This episode starts with Nessa confessing a secret! She threw herself under the bus and is now awaiting her restraining order. Walt is still in denial! Love them and leave them! Faces for radio!

Celebrity Rehab, China might have a penis, Surreal Life, Vern pees in the corner and moans in bed, another shout out to Michael in Stgt!

Holly is an irresponsible citizen! Sinus headaches ruins voting! We blame JayT!

Guest spots on Archerr, podcasting STDs, Walt's a media whore and 16 inches. And by 16 inches, we mean uptight and average. Arthur is lovely! Holly is on the penicillin!

Now, the world don’t move to the beat of just one drum. What might be right for you, may not be right for some.

Voicemails! Taffy, it wasn't Holly...she doesn't listen. Tim from Terminally Single is taking us on a cruise, thanks Tim! Luke from Instant Gratification, Luke is Nessa's pawn er.... bitch which will be on loan to Walt occasionally. Luke, you need to podcast so we can pimp you out! Crazy Melanie is anal about her bad TV, sister you are preaching to the choir.

Beauty and the Geek, Celebrity Fit Club, Dustin Diamond we hate you! Battle of the Reality Network Stars and Circus of the Stars! Gotta go find some on the! School House Rocks! Saturday Morning Cartoons!

Emails! Mary is a fruit fly! Brad loves food porn! Crazy Melanie does not like Strawberry Shortcakes, we think? Ricky gives Holly a shout out that we appreciate, he's an awesome downzie bitch american!

There is plenty of time to sponsor Holly on her Walk for Animals! If Holly didn't thank you in the show, you may have sponsored after we recorded. To those people, THANK YOU!

A new drinking game! Absolutely, that's awesome!

You can subscribe and rate us through iTunes! You have until 2:00 pm EST on March 15th to leave us a 5-star review and email us at and let us know your iTunes name! Good luck to everyone whose entered!

Ford porn in the form of gifts from our fabulous listeners Candy and Diane!

Eating a stick of butter! um, must throw up now!

Outtake at the end! Pretend names are fun!

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Michael in Stuttgart said...

They have faces for radio..."
Brilliant - that was bloody brilliant :) Great show again - you guys together are just wonderful. Thanks for making my day and ruining it again at once. Why did I have to look up Strawberry shortcake in the urban dictionary? How horrible - curiosity kills the cat. Ewww - well to each his own, but if there is violence against women involved I just think it is wrong and repulsive.

Michael in Stuttgart said...

Oh, Nessa, just another quick word - I have a confession to make too. You are not the only one who has a "silly little pimply teenage girlie crush" on Mr. Taylor the Magnificient latte boy. (If only he knew the connotation of "Latte" in German)

But I had to give him up. I am afraid my lungs are not strong enough :)

Nessa said...

Thanks for your compliments Michael! I just adore you :) Your lungs aren't strong enough! hahaha! I love when you're snarky!

Sasha said...

I guess I can forgive this episode for being late because it was pretty funny. Holly and I are BFFs from now on because she's the only who cares when I'm missing, so Walt and Nessa can go to hell. Or maybe not, because I like Walt and Nessa and I would try to save them from hell (even though they're well on their way). Nessa is cute when she does her "wah wah wah".

I promise I'll get around to leaving you a big fat five star review and I'm also going to pledge to the animal walk as soon as I have a chance!

erik98122 said...

As always you had me cracking up in my cubicle cell today! Faces made for radio!haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! :D

Nessa, nothing to be ashamed of, Taylor is quite the charmer!!! Fangirl crushes are fun! Don't tell anyone but I have one on Michael and Mr B! Two x the fun! They were the start of my crazy podcast addiction.

I also have a fangirl crush on Tom Collicio from TopChef too but thats a whole other story....

Ok kids have a great week!

Love and Girl Scout Cookies


erik98122 said...

Holly, you need to work on better perks from the hubby! The postal benefits are nice but I have mine working at a gourmet chocolate company. It ALMOST makes the snoring worth dealing with! :D

For some food porn check out

Maybe I can hook you up!


Archerr said...

Nessa says she's not going to be a stalker but it sounds like she might be starting down that road. :)

They've all got faces for radio....loved that! I used to love the Surreal Life. I haven't watched it recently but remember the whole Vern part.

Oh no! Sorry you aren't going to be a delegate. I was hoping to hear all about it. Oh well. Maybe next year. I hope you are feeling better, Holly.

I had a great time with you guys on the shows last week. I know the connection sucked and you gave me the podcast clamidia. I hope to give it to someone else this week.

Walt, you are no lady. You just won't talk about it. Now I won't bug you. You can just chat about anything on the show now.

Just to wrap up, this one was very funny. Had me laughing so much! I always love the out takes at the end.

Terminally Single said...

YOu guys are so not right. I Love it so much. And you mentioned me, and the LOVE BOAT. HEHEHEH Keep it up and I think me and Ryan are stealing for you guys!

Anonymous said...

Erik said: "Don't tell anyone but I have one on Michael and Mr B! Two x the fun!"

Ssssshhhh! Don't tell Walt that, Erik. He may come after us with a rolled-up comic book.