Thursday, February 28, 2008

Ep 08 We're Mean Because We're Downzie American

Episode 8 is greeeeat! har! har! har!

We start off un-prepared! Hurrah for Michael in Stgt!

My mom has caused the food porn topic of the show! Captain Crunch, Fruit Loops, and Honey Nut Cheerios
is healthy right? Coco pebbles is versatile! Tim from Go Rainbow Radio filmed food porn with a special shout out to FP Holly! People don't look how we imagined.

Barenaked Ladies! Jinx! Holly will steal from children! Underwear. Yay for a francy breakfast in vegas and boo to conventions!

Walt is a LIAR and is weak! New Dolly CD with a francy cover. Nessa has never seen a special Dolly movie. THE SHAME! Walt loves his dollie.

Shout out to an oh so special podcast. Sarcasm is just another product we offer.

9-5 the TV show. Sally Struthers turns into celebrity smells, All in the Family edition! Walt throws back to a Pod is My Copilot episode
and Nessa risks her life.

Happy Birthday Michael! You smell!

Boo to no Chik a Fils! HMDWL Sara Davis?!

Holly played hookie and could have got caught...and died. Nessa will chance some germs for Bloomingdale's! Walt and Holly discuss
pressies in the workplace.

Emails! No Voicemails :(!!!

Walt is licking boots and Sandra Lee is a yuppie whore! Holly and Nessa call bitches! Holly gets Super Bee and Nessa Gets Taylor and Ryan! Ricky is our Downzie Bitch! But you have to be politically correct!

Holly is incognito!

We may need to help Holly get a new job!

We discuss a new reality show! Nessa names J-Lo's babies! Celebrities shouldn't be able to name their children.

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Rebel Yankee said...

*whispers I made those brownies*

A Shanty No Lemon said...

Don't make me give you the Transformer Universal greeting. =)

Fairy Princess Holly said...

Eric...I knew those were your brownies!! :)

Walt said...

Eric should bake us brownies.

Melanie said...

I'm still working on Ep 07 -- once I finish that, I'll leave voicemails, I promise!

Archerr said...

Loved the opening seconds when you guys didn't say anything. You had me rolling in the first few seconds!

I love Captain Crunch too but hate how it tears up my mouth too! I'm too old to eat the kids cereal anymore. I need my fiber. When I eat cereal I eat a big bowl too, Holly.

I loved the video showing the food. I love mac and cheese. It looked so good!

Spend 10 minutes talking about transformers? What a great idea!

I loved 9 to 5 the movie....the TV show sucked. And Sally Struthers was just gross when she tried to get you to donate to feed the children when she was so fat. Funny, but gross.

You totally nailed Michael's smell!

I'm so glad Holly wasn't on that bridge that fell. We would all miss her!

I love the celebrities accident reality TV show idea.

I love when Walt gets the CRS. hahahaha I was screaming Rachel Griffiths at my iPod.

Anonymous said...

Y'all are crazy. I'm just sayin'.

I was honored to be this episode's smell, but the glory was short-lived when Holly rapidly tossed me aside from Kevin. ::whimper::

Fairy Princess Holly said...

Michael, I did not cast you aside! I simply claimed you BOTH!

Anonymous said...

I have finished all the leftover mac and cheese (i'm now fat, of is that fatter!), but alas, there were no left over brownies :(

David b

Melanie said...

Malted milk balls -- I HATE eating those because of the way they scrape on my teeth. Eurgh.

Melanie said...

Hey, gang, you're #4 on iTunes' Today's Top Broadcasts!