Wednesday, March 26, 2008

EP 16 We're Mean Because Chocolate is Our Jesus

Episode 16...

Nessa keeps fucking Walt up! Holly buys clearance candy! It's already gone! Nessa is trying to behave! Nessa lives vicarious through Holly! Holly is going to die on a toilet! Holly's eulogy on episode 18, the podfade episode! Archerr's nipples! Next stop, cock-shots! You can send them to

Someone stole out domain! (nine years ago). Food porn and not in the good way! You can always rely on the monkeys to be foul.

Walt rides the bus with "special people." Holly's Jewish and worships at the house of Cadbury. Nessa gots the hookup from her in-laws. The story of Nessa and Derek.

Smells Like! (We know, it's been a long time)

More discussion of diets and Walt's new goal! Walt inspires!

Voicemails from:

Fatty Daddy (
Crazy (old) Melanie
Brad (Our newest bitch who speaks chinese)
Mary (
Kevin( and sock stealer extraordinaire)
Ricky (

Email from:

Chris from L.A. (who we have confirmed to be a man)

Outtake at the end!

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erik98122 said...

Yay! New episode!! Sorry I haven't had a chance to comment or call but I've been busy enjoying my freedom now that I'm free from the basement!!
Love you guys!

Sasha said...

I can't believe this, but Travis wants me to wait til he gets home from work so we can listen to the new episode together. He won't be home until MONDAY. It's more fun listening with him but I can't help feeling bitter and cranky. It's just my way.

You all make me crave candy.

Melanie said...

Hey, Walt, if you have a Kroger in your area you can get regular chocolate and mint chocolate Aero from there, as well, since Kroger now maintains a British foods section in their International Foods aisle.

erik98122 said...

Speaking of candy, if you guys get bored at work (my life story) here's a good place to kill some time.


JayT said...